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Laboratory Techniques and Measurements free essay sample

What shading do you watch? While responding phenolphthalein with a corrosive what shading change do you anticipate? What shading change do you expect with a base? Reaction: I watched a dismal blend. While responding phenolphthalein with a corrosive, the blend will stay dreary yet while responding with a base the blend would change fuschia. K. AgNO3 and NH3 (alkali). Retain this blend onto a piece of paper towel and open it to exceptional light from a light or the sun. Be patient and you will watch a change. Record your perception. Reaction: The blend turned a greenish earthy colored. Questions A. Assume a family item mark says it contains sodium hydrogen carbonate (sodium bicarbonate). How might you test this material for the nearness of sodium bicarbonate? Answer: Sodium Bicarbonate is a solid base. Consequently I would perform 3 tests. First test, I would confirm on the off chance that it would make a boring air pocket like fluid. For this test, I would add HCl to the family item. On the off chance that the substance responded with a dismal air pocket creating item, this test would be certain. In the subsequent test, I would add Bromthymol to the family unit item, on the off chance that it turns blue, this test would be sure. Bromthymol transforms blue when it comes into contact with a base. In the third test, I would add Phenolphthalein to the family unit item, if the item turns fuschia, this test would be certain. Penolphthalein turns fuschia when it interacts with a base. On the off chance that the entirety of the above tests are sure, this would demonstrate that there is sodium bicarbonate present. B. You recognize what shading phenolphthalein and bromthymol blue turn when testing a corrosive or a base. Utilize the unfilled pipet in the Auxiliary Supplies Bag to test a few (at any rate 3) family things incorporating family cleaning items with bromthymol blue. Flush the pipet a long time before utilizing it on the following family unit compound. At the point when gotten done with this trial flush the pipet well and return it to the Auxiliary Bag for use in future examinations. Name the things tried and record their outcomes. What do these outcomes mean? Answer: Items usedTest results powdered cleaning item with fade Phenolphthalein †Fuschia Bromthymol blue †Blue dark This is a base. Window cleanerPhenolphathlein †Fuscia Bromthymol blue †Blue dark This is a base. DishsoapPhenolphathlein †Colorless Bromthymol blue †Yellow This is a corrosive C. You found an example of an answer that has a black out smell taking after vinegar. You are checking that it is for sure vinegar and you include a couple of drops of phenolphthalein. The example turns pink. What supposition would you be able to make about this example? Answer: I can expect that this arrangement is a base. D. While playing out a starch test on a few distinctive treat brands, four tests bring about the run of the mill dark shade of starch-nearness, yet the fifth gives a yellow-earthy colored shading. In what capacity may you decipher this outcome? Answer: In my understanding, I would state that the initial four treats are fundamentally made of starch and the fifth treat isn't basically made of starch. E. You chose to research if the new flood of Vitamin Water is pH unbiased: neither too acidic nor excessively essential. Utilizing BTB (bromothymol blue), you select five kinds of Vitamin Water to test. Three of the flavor-tests turn a cloudy green, demonstrating the probability of corrosive/base equalization. Of the two staying, one turns somewhat yellow, while one stays blue. What would you be able to accept about the corrosive/base substance of these specific kinds of Vitamin Water? Answer: I can accept that the two residual Vitamin Water flavors are not nonpartisan. The fluid that remained somewhat yellow is more acidic than antacid, while the other fluid that stayed blue is more basic than acidic. F. You have perused that another brand of hair tonic should contain lead (a fixing in Grecian Formula). Devise a basic test to affirm the nearness or nonappearance of lead in that hair tonic. Answer: I would add KI to the hair tonic. On the off chance that the item turns yellow, at that point the item has lead, in the event that it doesn't, it doesn't contain lead. Taking everything into account, this test presented how to perform, watch and decipher an assortment of concoction responses between substances utilized in family items. The weakening stage before the initiation of the lab, explained what is important to be done if a substance had unreasonably molarity. Naturally visible perspectives on the synthetic responses were watched essentially through visual perception. In light of the visual perception, the result created between the consolidated synthetic compounds portrayed whether a concoction antacid or acidic or where a substance is in the arrangement or not. It was very fascinating to see various responses depending on the off chance that it was set on white paper or dark paper and what happened when daylight or light was added to one response. On the minuscule level, it is accepted that the modification of molecules happened when the synthetic compounds joined with one another. Moreover, since all atoms were extraordinary, the items made are mixes. The mistakes in this lab could be found in the proportions of every substance. In spite of the fact that insurance was taken when cutting the pipet stem on a level plane and guaranteeing the pipet was flat when a drop was pressed out, it is difficult to control and ascertain the specific measure of fluid that removed out of every pipet. At the end of the day, 1:1 proportion may never have been accurate

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Physiological Cost of War

The primary worry before the Iraq experience, in the United States spun around the nearly overlooked veterans of the Vietnam War who had at one time put their lives in hurts way were all the while addressing the cost and adapting to steady brokenness. These veteran’s social insurance issues and the arrangement of legitimate assets and administrations for these maturing men were ending up being an aggravation of the past days, and afterward the Gulf War came to us; or rather we went to it with open arms.The wheel has turned round trip by and by and today a totally different and youthful age of veterans has come to supplant the old veterans before they are completely gone into the pages of history. Maybe this new issue of new social insurance gives that has been constrained on our cognizant may likewise make us save a couple of considerations for our more seasoned veterans. They are as yet reeling from the mental mischief done to them a long time prior and maybe this will fill i n as a notification to us that no doubt, the new age of veterans will likewise convey comparable scars into their and our fates too.They have done their part and we should not neglect to do our own, by dealing with them and by not overlooking them as we overlooked a portion of the old ones. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder It was â€Å"Shell Shock† in World War 1 and â€Å"Combat Neurosis† in World War 11 and now it is PTSD. Since the advancement of humanity there have been fights and wars and independent of their results, they have had a wide range of long terms impacts on humankind and the American Psychiatric Association have at last remembered it as â€Å"Anxiety Disorder† and named it as PTSD.Let us trust and ask that there are not any more future wars and this scourge doesn't need to be reclassified any more and given another extravagant name. PTSD, as we will call it by its present term is a consequence of injuries, and as a rule after an individual experie nces one; it sets in inside a couple of months and endures quite a long while or even lifetimes. Typically in wars officers and regular folks are frequently exposed to savagery and brutalities during fights and wars while taking an interest in them or in any event, seeing them and these encounters causes’ traumas.PTSD be that as it may, may likewise be brought about by non-battle episodes of viciousness and fierceness towards regular folks and soldiers, with numerous veterans never having been forceful yet experiencing significant sentiment of blame due to their having been related with such acts. It has anyway to be noticed that brutality in fighting is unmistakably the purpose behind activating PTSD.The manifestations for PTSD can shift like the re-encountering of awful accidents, for example, flashbacks or meddling contemplations, bad dreams, fanatical memories, shirking side effects like dread of being with individuals, indications of hyper excitement like effectively bei ng frightened or aggravated, expanded excitement, evasion of encounters or individuals who trigger recollections of such occasions, anxiety, over-response to unexpected commotion, troublesome in dozing, cold sweats, bad dreams, trouble in relating sincerely to other people, episodes of wrath with discouragements, melancholies, sentiments of extraordinary distance and aimless, seclusion from individuals, in outrageous cases considerations of homicide or self destruction and so forth. For these indications to create, it can take anything from a couple of months to years to arrive at the phase where it is completely exploded. As troopers are persuaded that affirmation of terrible emotions are indications of shortcoming, their bosses typically dishearten them from looking for proficient assistance and in this way making it hard to distinguish PTSD timely.To improve the nature of their lives and their inclinations, officers should deal with themselves as most ideal as and not capitulate to peer weight, and look for help from a certified psychological well-being proficient. PTSD can be treated through treatment, medicine or a blend of both (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). Social insurance of Veterans The rule obligation regarding the arrangement of human services for veterans is with the Department of Defense (DOD) and the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). The people qualified for get clinical consideration and recovery administrations are either from the normal military, National Guards or from the reservists, in any case, their advantages, treatment and the administrations they profit contrast in some ways.The assigned offices and foundations that take care explicitly of the medical issues and inabilities which emerge during or subsequent to having come back from deployment ready of veterans don't offer their types of assistance to the overall population. Danger of Veterans various examinations have detailed that genuine imperfections are existing in the react ion these veterans are getting from the country. The assortment and announcing of the veteran’s word related and ecological wellbeing and security (OEHS) isn't being recorded appropriately and the use of information is on occasion basically wrong in recognizing the exposures that had put the individuals from the furnished administrations in danger. The right information on such exposures is essentially significant for legitimate analysis and treatment and veterans on occasion in danger of negative wellbeing impacts and even of turning out to be disabled.Recommendations in such manner have just been made to the Department of Defense and the Department of Veterans Affairs, which have additionally been to a great extent acknowledged by them. It is important that the Department of Veterans Affairs sets up techniques to consider the legislature mindful dependent on accessible verification to demonstrate that the veterans were not presented to supposed harmful of different hazardou s substances as asserted by them to be the primary driver of their handicaps. These methods ought to likewise incorporate arrangements to cover for the companions and offspring of administration work force who additionally may have been influenced hereditarily or by optional exposures. Progress ServicesThe transitional factor in veteran’s term is additionally a significant one since when people travel from the Department of Defense to the Department of Veterans Affair’s wellbeing and recovery offices, because of the absence of information sharing between them key data about the genuinely harmed veterans is discovered lacking. This obliges the Department of Veterans Affairs to rely upon the untrustworthy information sharing game plan made among them and the neighborhood military treatment offices. This is a significant issue where veterans are concerned and specifically this is destructive to those of them who are incapacitated and need professional and other essential administrations. These aimless game plans and practice additionally should be tended to at the most elevated gatherings of the nation with earnestness (Health, 2006). Post-Traumatic Stress DisorderPTSD has become among the best difficulties being looked by the nation to meet the necessary degrees of social insurance and recovery for military faculty. PTSD should be reclassified as an incapacity since it can end up being interminable just as imperceptible and it can likewise be verbose. During the constant stage it very well may be controlled and not be characterized as a handicap through adapting procedures and in its wordy indication stage where a solitary or progressively significant life capacities is influenced, it might be abused as being transitory and be constrained to the pervasive legal meaning of incapacity. â€Å"The Institute of Medicine has been examining PTSD on a continuous reason for more than two years.While perceiving that the determination, treatment and guess of PTSD may at times be questionable, and in all cases will be exceptionally individualized, NCD suggests that Congress direct further oversight hearings into the VA’s comprehension of the PTSD issue and into the agency’s capacity to manage it viably, and that every single vital asset be made accessible to improve VA’s work around there. † (CRS Order Code RL 32961, June 24, 2005) Cost of War to Connecticut The immediate expense to Connecticut because of the war from the year 2001 till the center of 2006 has been the accompanying as indicated by legitimate sources: While neglecting to give any need to Connecticut’s security concerns, the present administration’s war has guaranteed an overwhelming cost of 9,604 youthful and fearless Connecticut people lives in Iraq.A gigantic strain has been put of the groups of 3,655 Reservists and National Guards who were sent in Afghanistan and Iraq with a large number of them being called more than once to re port for obligation. The figures for the over two insights are as indicated by the Department of Defense as on 5/31/06. In Connecticut the organization has neglected to make sure about the ports and fringes enough. The individuals of Connecticut are on the whole attempting to change the war strategies around and are squeezing for the redeployment of the American Forces as fast as could be expected under the circumstances. Connecticut is battling to respect the penances of the 268,947 veterans who have served for the country and is attempting to guarantee that their due earned advantages are given to them.Due to the war, 40,100 employments in the assembling ventures have been lost and at present 75,000 individuals are scanning for occupations in Connecticut. The yearly pay per family has dropped to around US$ 274 since the 2000’s in Connecticut and the increasing expenses of consumables has diminished the buy forces of the lowest pay permitted by law workers to the least level s in 50 years. The individuals of Connecticut likewise feel that as opposed to making occupations that pay well, the organization is giving endowments of billions of dollars in corporate duty for abroad delivery employments, while declining to increment since the most recent nine years the lowest pay permitted by law levels. The Connecticut individuals need to pay $ 3.20 for a gallon of gas by and large, which is 111% more than what it was in January 2001, in this manner compelling families in Connecticut to hold up under and extra $2,695,339,147 cost of $2,001 per each two-vehicle family on gas in contrast with 2001 according to the figures of the â€Å"House Government Reform Committee, Dem. Staff, 7/06†. Medical coverage costs have forcefully brought up in Connecticut s

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7 Graphic Design Secrets Every Non-Designer Should Know

7 Graphic Design Secrets Every Non-Designer Should Know Whether youre designing a website, a flyer, or an invitation to a birthday party, there will likely come a time when youll need to know some of the basics of graphic designing to make your design visually appealing. Regardless of the software you use, odds are that youll be faced with a seemingly infinite number of fonts, clip art, colors and design elements that could potentially be used on your canvas. Its enough to make even the most creative non-designer overwhelmed!Some people are naturally gifted in knowing what placement and elements look best on a design project. For the rest of us, however, having an eye for design can take years of practice to develop. Thats why weve put together a list of tips from graphic design experts on the basics of design and ways to ensure that your project comes together exactly the way you envisioned it in your mind before you beganâ€"or maybe even better.1. Keep it in the (font) familyA common mistake non-designers make when designing an invitati on, sign, advertisement, web page, etc., is to include several different fonts. In addition to making your text harder to read, using too many fonts makes your design look unprofessional, cluttered and generally unappealing to the eye.As with any field, youll find varying advice, but graphic design experts tend to agree that you should limit your typeface to one fontâ€"two at most, and that could be pushing it. When you are selecting the typeface for your project, if you must use two different fonts, be sure to keep the fonts within the same font family so that they are similar in appearance. This goes for titles, headings, subheadings and paragraphs. Instead of using a different font for emphasis, increase the size of the lettering to make a certain word or phrase stand out from the rest. This simple change in scale is all the emphasis (or de-emphasis) youll need.2. Understand that your fonts speak volumesWhile we are discussing fonts, lets talk about which fonts to use. Its import ant to understand that the fonts you choose affect the overall message of the design. For example, rounded fonts evoke a friendly, happy feeling while fonts with multiple sharp edges have a stronger, more aggressive feel. In graphic design for marketing, if the service or product being sold is luxurious, the designer might consider using cursive fonts. Basically, choosing the right font involves choosing a font that reflects the message and feel of your overall design.The design experts at Canva, a web-based design program, provide the following analogy to demonstrate the importance of font choice:Designers (including Erik Spiekermann, Dan Mayer, and Jessica Hische) have been known to compare choosing fonts for design projects to choosing an outfit to wear. And its an apt analogy. Think about what your clothes might say about you: based on what you wear, people might rightly or wrongly make assumptions about your style, your personality, your socio-economic background, your age (or the age you wish you were), or the kind of impression you want to make. And different occasions and situations call for different apparel. You wouldnt wear a bathing suit to a job interview; then again, you wouldnt want to wear a suit and tie during your vacation on the beach either. Theres an element of appropriateness to consider.Canva3. Use scale and color for impactRemember when we discussed fonts and how to increase or decrease the scale of them for emphasis? The same holds true for any of the elements within your design. The best way to create impact in your message is to pay special attention to the scale and color of your text and its surrounding icons or photos. Poppie Pack, senior graphic designer for Canva, explains it like this:The size you apply to your type will also create typographic hierarchy, determining the order that your text is read. The colors you use for your text will also create hierarchy. Make sure you apply the strongest colors to the content you want rea d first. Try reducing the less significant text and increasing its letter spacing. This will fill space as well as creating flush lines.Poppie Pack4. Give each element its spaceOvercrowding images and text is another common mistake many non-designers make. And with all of the choices given in design programs, its an easy thing to do if youre not paying attention. Giving each element a little space to breathe (so to speak) will do wonders in making your design look more professional and easier to read.This is especially true with text. Dont crowd text too closely to make it fit. If youre limited on space and there is no way you can cut words in the text, make the font smaller instead of large and spaced too closely. The human eye cant read crowded text easily and needs to see space around elements (text or images) in order to distinguish the separation of the elements.You can look at a magazine or newspaper to see this in practiceâ€"the negative space in the margins and the spacing o f the text are fundamental in ensuring that the page is easy to read and pleasing to the eye. Well discuss more about whitespace (otherwise known as negative space) in tip #7.5. Simplicity is bestLeonardo Da Vinci, the famed painter, sculptor and inventor, once wrote that Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. Ask any professional graphic designer and they are likely to tell you that the simple designs are usually the hardest to create. In fact, at the heart of great graphic design is simplicity.This goes for your images as well as the text youve placed within the design. If there is an element or word that doesnt have to be there, take it out. If your message is short and simple, it is more likely to be read and draw attention.6. Use contrasting colorsContrasting colors stand out and capture attention, so light text against a dark background, or alternately dark text against a light background is a good rule to follow. This can be difficult if you are using a photo as your back ground and the photo has different colors or shades on it, but you can still find contrast by limiting the text to one area on the photograph. Another way to handle this is to create a translucent overlay to achieve contrast. Most photo editing software like PhotoShop can create this effect easily.7. White space is your friendAgain, consider Apples branding and their use of empty space to draw the eyes attention to their famous logo. Keep in mind that the negative space doesnt need to be literally white but empty space on your canvas is a good thing, so dont feel the need to fill it all with icons or text. The more stuff you put on your design, the less powerful it will be. Sometimes, this requires moving different elements around on your canvas to find the best way to create the space. However, as you do this, youll notice how different elements will draw your attention more based on where the empty space is.Also, reducing font or icon size to allow more space between lines of text allows for that text to stand out more and catch the eye. This same idea holds true if you have a lot of text and need to put it in columns. The more whitespace you can put between the columns, the better. This is often just a process of narrowing the columns.Anna Guerrero explains it this way:As easy as it can be to over-design, it is important to avoid needless clutter. White space funnels your eye towards the content and allows your message to stand out. Clarity doesnt mean boring design; rather a strong design will speak for itself rather grabbing for the audiences attention. Consider Apples branding and advertising. It utilizes large areas of white space to communicate a sense of simplicity and to reflect the user-friendliness of its products. Books and magazines are a great example of the importance of white space. The marginâ€"the blank area between the text and the edge of the pageâ€"makes reading dense copy much easier.Anna GuerreroReady to design?Obviously, you dont have to be a professional graphic designer to make your design project look great. If you pay attention to these seven concepts, its likely that no one will even know a non-designer created it!

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A New Antibiotic Kills Pathogens - 875 Words

Antibiotics are secondary metabolites expressed by a microorganism against other microorganisms as a means to compete for limited resources and are thought to have originated from soil-dwelling microbes (D’costa). Many of our current antibiotic therapies were derived directly from soil-dwelling microorganisms, including but not limited to Bacillus, Streptomyces, and Penicillium (cite). Therefore, it is logical that the search for novel antibiotic therapies should continue with soil microbes. Unfortunately, isolation of potential antibiotic drugs from soil microorganisms remains a challenge. Over 99% of microbial life is incapable of being cultured via traditional methods (Lewis). This means that new culturing approaches are required to isolate potential antibiotic producers. Fortunately, progress has recently been made in this endeavor. The methods that follow have been derived from a paper published in Nature in January 2015, titled â€Å"A new antibiotic kills pathogens wit hout detectable resistance.† Utilizing a new means of culturing soil microbes, researchers discovered a previously uncharacterized antibiotic, teixobactin, derived from a ÃŽ ²-proteobacteria called Eleftheria terrae (Ling). The techniques utilized in this paper have shown that there are untapped resources for antimicrobial therapies yet to be discovered. Soil samples can be taken from various geographic locations and depths. Utilizing a culturing device called an iChip, researchers can better replicate theShow MoreRelatedThe Human Immune System Essay629 Words   |  3 Pagesbody to fight diseases, as well as pathogens, the disease-causing factors. It is mainly composed of the tonsils and adenoids, the lymph nodes and lymphatic vessels, the spleen, appendix, and bone marrow. The main purpose of the immune system is to assist the body in its struggle to maintain optimal health. The immune system depends on the body’s structures to help it function. For instance, the skin acts as the â€Å"body’s first line of defense.† If a pathogen finds a breach in the skin barrierRead MoreEssay on Practical Applications of Evolutionary Biology1484 Words   |  6 Pagesshape the theory of evolution which holds as much weight as the theory of relativity per se. Evolutionary biology is the science devoted to understanding how populations change through time in response to modifications of their environment and how new species come into being by studying adaptation and diversity (Freeman and Herron 2004). Evolutionary biology has proved that all organisms have evolved from a common ancestor over the last 3.5 billion years. There is a common misconception that evolutionRead MoreAntibiotic Resistant Bacteria Essay1109 Words   |  5 PagesAntibiotic Resistant Bacteria â€Å"Antibiotics is the name given to the group of chemicals, particularly in medicine, that stop or inhibit the growth of, microorganisms such as fungi, bacteria, and parasites, or that kill the microorganism. They are, however, completely ineffective against viruses. There are two kinds of antibiotics, namely; bactericides, which interfere with the cell wall or contents of the bacteria, thereby killing it, and bacteriostatics, which prevent the bacteria from reproducingRead MoreNew Line Of Therapies Against Pathogenic Bacteria1487 Words   |  6 PagesIn this age of antibiotic resistance, there is an emergence for new line of therapies against pathogenic bacteria. Antibiotics are semi-synthetic or synthetic compounds that target specific bacterial molecules and cause suppression or killing of the pathogen. The bacteria in-turn has developed resistance against many of the available antibiotics causing a more severe and often fatal infections. There exist viruses that eat up/lyse the bacteria called as bacteriophages (baterio: bacteria and phage:Read MoreAntibiotic Resistant Catastrophe864 Words   |  4 Pages Since the 1940’s antibiotics have greatly decreased death and illness due to infectious diseases. These drugs have had a significant impact on patient’s health when used correctly and appropriately. (CDC, 2013) However sometimes they are overused. When these antibiotics are overused, or used for diseases in which they are not necessary the infectious organism could become antibiotic resistant. Antibiotic resistance is defined as, the effect of microbes transforming in ways thatRead MoreBiological Structures And Processes Within An Organism That Provides A Defence Against Disease1662 Words   |  7 Pagesare called pathogens. Our body is a rich source of water and nutrients that these pathogens need to survive, it is a perfect environment for them to live and develop. Nevertheless, human’s body has its own way to protect itself from these invaders, therefore most of the time we remain healthy. Immune system is a system of many biological structures and processes within an organism that provides a defence against disease. There are three major lines of our defence against pathogens. The firstRead MoreCan We Use Plant Extraction And Control Or Reduce Plasmid Gene Transfer?919 Words   |  4 Pagesanimal death. Disease is a main challenging problem for agriculturist or producer. To control a spread of disease, antibiotic synthesized from a living organism is chosen as a solution because of capability in preventing infection (Edward Boden and Anthon Andrews, 2015). On the other hand, there are diverse bacterial strains that have an antibiotic resistance system. Using antibiotic may help bacteria to develop this ability by selecting unwanted survivor by accident which cause bacteria become moreRead MoreBacterial Quorum Sensing ( Qs )1647 Words   |  7 Pagesby means of small, diffusible chemical signals. The inter and intraspecies bacterial pheromone communication creates behavior synchronization within a species. The timing of a host infestation, genetic modification for niche adaptation based on a new energy source, or the production of a secondary defense metabolite are all examples of cooperative behavior that depend on intercellular bacterial communication (Everts, 2006). The bacterial cell-to-cell communication process is referred to as quorumRead MoreDifferential Staining Lab Report1467 Words   |  6 PagesDifferential Staining and Testing for Antibiotic Production Currently, antibiotic resistance is a major concern when it comes to public health and food security. The purpose of this research is to isolate bacteria from the soil capable of antibiotic production. A local soil sample was collected and diluted through a series of serial dilutions to limit bacterial growth between 30-300 colonies, so single colonies were isolated. Single colonies were isolated onto a master plates based on variationsRead MoreThe Immune System Essay1268 Words   |  6 Pagesmutated forms of normal molecules as in some cancers. Diseases and how they can be control. When people refer to pathogens, they are talking about bacteria that cause disease. The toxins actually excreted by the pathogens are the main cause of diseases although the toxins are only by-products of the pathogens metabolism. In most cases, the toxins excreted by the pathogens find there way into the circulatory system. Thus, sometimes, the infection is caused somewhere else from where the toxins

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Gender Inequality And Oppression By Jane Eyre - 894 Words

Jane Eyre: Gender Inequality and Oppression The novel, Jane Eyre creates an atmosphere of suspense by utilizing elements such as supernatural encounters, mysteries, secrets, violence towards women and etc. The setting in Jane Eyre can be seen to place the novel in the gothic tradition, which serves primarily to support the theme of gender inequality and oppression through the rise of a poor girl against overwhelming odds. The novel opens at Gateshead, at the home of the wealthy Reed family where a girl by the name of Jane Eyre sits in the room reading a novel because aunt Reed has forbidden her from playing with her cousins. Cousin John harasses Jane for being a poor orphan and pushes her to the end of her patience causing her to erupt. Jane is held responsible and punished. â€Å"Take her away to the red room, and lock her in there†¦I was not quite sure whether they had locked the doors†¦ Alas! Yes, no jail was ever more secured.† (Bronte 15-21). Aunt Reed sends Jane to the terrifying red room where Jane faints from the fear of seeing a ghost. Shortly after being freed, Jane now aware that she will be leaving to the Lowood School, tells her aunt, â€Å"Speak I must: I had been trodden on severely†¦I will never call you aunt again as long as I live†¦I will never come to see you†¦ and if anyone asks how I liked you, of you makes me sick, and that you treated me with mis erable cruelty† (Bronte 62-3). In other words, Jane narrates the story of her life and threatens to tell everyone of theShow MoreRelatedEssay on Women Oppressed in Charlotte Brontes Jane Eyre1666 Words   |  7 PagesJane Eyre: Women Oppressed      Ã‚   Gender is not a biological fact but a social construct.   However, so many assumptions have been made in the attempt to define the terms gender and sex that society often defines gender as being solely male and female.   The female sex has traditionally been oppressed due to inferences on physical and mental constraints that male-dominated society has imposed.   As with culture, gender socialization begins with birth and the family structure, though many believeRead MoreJane Eyre s Life Was Full Of Oppression, Neglect And Sorrow1498 Words   |  6 PagesJane Eyre’s life was full of oppression, neglect and sorrow. The novel was formed around a few main ideas. One of those would be the search of love and acceptance. Jane wanted to find a family so desperately and she wanted to belong to people. More than this though, Jane wanted to be treated equally. She was denied equality because of her social status, her income,her lack of â€Å"beauty† and most of all because of her gender. The book Jane Eyre shows the struggle that women face while attempting toRead MoreFeminism : The Advocacy Of Women s Rights On The Grounds Of Political, Social, And Economic Equality1694 Words   |  7 PagesMicaela Castro English 2 2/29/16 Jane Eyre and Feminism Feminism is defined as the â€Å"advocacy of women s rights on the grounds of political, social, and economic equality to men† (Oxford Dictionary). In the past century, the standards of what is considered feminism have changed. At the time Jane Eyre was published, feminism per se did not exist yet. In the Victorian Era any actions done by women that went against the norms for women for that timeRead More Comparing Jane Eyre and Yellow Wallpaper1650 Words   |  7 PagesSimilarities Between Jane Eyre and Yellow Wallpaper   Ã‚   There are notable similarities between Charlotte Perkins Gilmans The Yellow Wallpaper and Charlotte Brontes Jane Eyre. These similarities include the treatment of space, the use of a gothic tone with elements of realism, a sense of male superiority, and the mental instability of women. There is a similar treatment of space in the two works, with the larger, upstairs rooms at the summer lodging and at Thornfield Hall being associatedRead MoreMessages to the Reader in Jane Eyre, a Novel by Charlotte Brontà «728 Words   |  3 PagesJane Eyre, a novel by Charlotte Brontà «, contains several notable themes and messages sent to its readers. Jane Eyre is a coming of age novel that is a story of a girls quest for equality and happiness. A common theme that recurs throughout the novel is the importance of independence.Charlotte Brontà « utilizes several techniques to convey this message, incorporating her personal experiences, as well as including symbolism and motifs. Charlotte Bronte subjects Jane to several conflicts that occur becauseRead MoreJane Eyre, The Bluest Eye, And Feminism1422 Words   |  6 PagesPavit Singh Mr. Trott English 2 Honors Period 5 15 May 2015 Jane Eyre, The Bluest Eye, and Feminism Feminism. It’s a big concept in society today, but has it always been that way? Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte is a famous work on the basis of her own experiences. In this novel, the author shapes a tough and independent woman who pursues true love and equality. In the Victorian period, the image of Jane Eyre cast a sharp contrast to the man-dominated society. She stands for a new lady who hasRead MoreFreedom For A Woman Of Empire883 Words   |  4 Pagesavenue—marriage. Each character lived very different lives, and their path, and reasoning for marriage varied. One variable in their decision to marry remained constant; In order to attain freedom, one must have the financial means for independence. Olivia, Jane, and, Lyndall, enter into the patriarchal institution of marriage because they essentially have no other option. However, all three heroines enter and/or exit the institution of marriage on their own terms, which situates them as the dominant participantRead MoreRelationship Between Men and Women: Jane Eyre and The Handmaids Tale1775 Words   |  8 Pages Charlotte Brontà «Ã¢â‚¬â„¢s Jane Eyre entails a social criticism of the oppressive social ideas and practices of nineteenth-century Victorian society. The presentation of male and female relationships emphases men’s domination and perceived superiority over women. Jane Eyre is a reflection of Brontà «Ã¢â‚¬â„¢s own observation on gender roles of the Victorian era, from the vantage point of her position as governess much like Jane’s. Margaret Atwood’s novel was written during a period of conservative revival in theRead MoreJane Eyre By Charlotte Bronte2164 Words   |  9 Pageswere difficult for Victorian women, largely because of their gender, but also because they did not have any independent source of wealth. Published in 1847, Jane Eyre written by Charlotte Brontà « depicts the life of women during that time that were economically devalued and socially marginalized. Women were not seen as equals to men and being independent meant being free from the influen ces of others. The novel tells the story of Jane Eyre, a young Victorian woman on a quest to fulfill a sense of equalityRead MoreSummary Of The Tale 1386 Words   |  6 PagesRochester, the protagonist in Jane Eyre, a typical Byronic hero with a melancholy characteristic who has a strong inclination of individual rebellion against society’s conventions. Following the portrayal of Byronic males, Rochester â€Å"injects ludic energy, performativity, and teasing seduction into the trajectory† of this female Bildungsroman of Jane Eyre. When Bronte first publishes her subversive work that challenges contemporary â€Å"social conventions and social order†, Jane used her pseudonym â€Å"Currer

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The Various Shades of George Bernard Shaw Free Essays

Topic 1: What is Andragogy and how is it relevant to training and development? Andragogy is the term used to describe ‘the art and science of teaching adults’ (Delahaye, 2011). It focuses on the post-school vocational education, where the adults learning needs are the main importance and also should allow them to take responsibility for their own learning (Delahaye, 2011). In this sense, the differences between andragogy and pedagogy are related to not only the way content is taught, but also the progression of learning. We will write a custom essay sample on The Various Shades of George Bernard Shaw or any similar topic only for you Order Now Andragogy is relevant to training and development as concerns with the practical issues of trainers are coming into existence in relation to an effective way of using resources and the most suitable training methods (Jones, 1980). Therefore, as advances in knowledge are increasing, training and development programs need to be constantly altered and maintained to ensure that employees (adults) are processing this information. Andragogy is conceptualised in literature through conducting research to address what exactly is andragogy and what are the main issues in accordance to training and development. In relation to police training and development, police officers valued four distinct areas – engagement, practicality, affiliation, and efficiency (Olivia, 2009). Firstly, police officers valued classrooms that were ‘interesting and inspiring’ (Olivia, 2009), as they preferred trainers who were enthusiastic and engaged their students. Police officers also preferred the content being delivered that can be applied to their own real-life experiences on the job. Officers really emphasised the importance of the classroom environment in relation to social interaction and classroom layout. Police officers that were involved in the training and development session wanted a chance to interact with others, including the trainer. This allowed for them to learn from eachothers’ experiences (Olivia, 2009). It was also reported that the classroom should be laid out in a manner that provides the trainer the opportunity to deliver the content in an ‘efficient and effective manner’ (Olivia, 2009). They preferred classes that were well managed in relation to the time period. Therefore, it is demonstrated in research and results that andragogy is all about the motivation and preferences of the student. It is also mentioned that andragogy is ‘a learning theory, not a teaching theory’ (Mc Auliffe, 2009). Andragogy is explained through the ‘andragogical model’ composed by Knowles (Mc Auliffe, 2009). This model addresses the issues on the learning process of adults. There are four issues that make up this model. Firstly, it is important to explain to the student why they need to learn a particular topic. Secondly, the trainer has to show the learner how to direct themselves through the content, so that they can take responsibility and be motivated to learn. The content also has to enable the student to be able to relate their own experience to the components being delivered. An adult learner needs to have a ‘life-centered, task-centered or problem-centered’ (Mc Auliffe, 2009). Adults prefer to learn when they are ready and motivated to do so. Through conducting research and going back to the words of academics, it is explained in literature what andragogy is (in a practical sense) and its utter most importance in training and development programs. There are many differences between andragogy and the way children learn. They differ in relation to certain characteristics about learning. For example, the need to know, the learner’s self-concept, the role of experience, the readiness to learn, the orientation to learning and motivation (Delahaye, 2011). It is shown that children are being spoon fed content in a controlled environment, where they are more influenced by external factors. In andragogy, it is all about the needs, the experiences and self-motivational factors of the adult. For contrast, the pedagogical model developed by Knowles (Mc Auliffe, 2009) involved the communication of knowledge and skills, where ‘the teacher decides in advance what knowledge or skill needs to be transmitted’ (Mc Auliffe, 2009). It is then that it is up to the teacher when and how information is going to be taught. Pedagogy is a teaching theory, not a learning one (Mc Auliffe, 2009). Andragogy is therefore the transition from school education to post-school education. Andragogical principles is a process of providing techniques and relevant resources to help adults obtain the knowledge and skills and also allow the trainer to prepare to involve them in the learning process. Therefore for adults to develop on their skills and knowledge, it is important that they want to learn and are motivated to do so. Without this, there would be no progression. In connection with the design of the tutorial training session, I believe that andragogy is going to be very useful. In a classroom, at one point in class, a majority of the group get ‘bored’ and drift off in their own world. So therefore, it is important to ensure to come up with an activity that everyone can have fun with and would want to participate in. With the importance of ensuring that students know why the need to learn, how they are going to go about learning and the amount of relativeness to their past experiences, the training session needs to be something that everyone can relate to. Everyone needs to be involved in the process of learning the desired knowledge and skills. Andragogy is all about the culture, systems and structures that make up the adult learning environment (Nicholas, 2008), which is key for a successful training session. In conclusion, Andragogy is all about the needs and experiences of the learning process of the adult. It transcends from pedagogy, in a sense that the learning process has moved focus from a spoon fed controlled environment, to a different environment where the progression of learning is the student’s responsibility. This is relevant and very important to training and development, because, in reality, adults cannot be spoon fed the knowledge and skills needed in the working environment. They need to be more motivated and be informed of the reasons and procedures of training and development programs in order to progress and accept that they need to learn. How to cite The Various Shades of George Bernard Shaw, Papers

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Mccarthy And Faulkner Essays - Modernist Literature,

Mccarthy And Faulkner I will never claim to be an expert as an undergrad at anything, but in my personal opinion, McCarthy is not the son of Faulkner in the Southern Literary Renaissance. McCarthy and Faulkner share common view in the complexities of nature and its subsequent weave with the human condition. The psychological complexity of Faulkner also stems from his desire to explore the true heart of people and not their surfaces (note his Nobel Prize Speech). While McCarthy exposes personalities and creates unbelievable characterizations (the Judge) I don't personally feel that sometimes a true soul is left out. I do not believe that this takes away from his writing, but he would probably focus on distancing himself as far from the Faulkner stigma southern writers are labeled with in order to produce a distinct new form of literature (which in some realms he has). The violence stems from human nature and has been a part of literature for centuries. Most notably, the Victorians may have influenced McCarthy with depressing yet duty bound works as Hardy's Jude the Obscure and Browning's poetry of destruction and desolation. Then again, this is just my unqualified position dashed out at a first response. Thank you for your time and would like to read others opinions. From: Christian the Heretic What in God's name are you talking about? You're sounding as logical as Fat Freddie Freak after a long speed binge. How can you possibly say that Faulkner is not an influence on McCarthy's fiction? It doesn't make sense. I will agree with you that there are certainly other influences and these are as pervasive (perhaps) as Faulkner, but Faulkner is all through McCarthy's work. This is a hot button for me as well since I'm currently working on Light in August in comparison to Outer Dark and Child of God. First the writing style IS similar, although this is arguable from any perspective. While Faulkner uses huge and bulky sentences, McCarthy tends to use a similar rhythm broken by periodic periods. I realize that my explanation of this makes no sense. A more definable and arguable position is with the themes that lie in Faulkner's work. Particularly when we view LIA, we see characters living on the borderlands of society. Joe Christmas, Lena Grove, Byron Bunch, Gail Hightower, Johanna Burden--all of them are characters who (like Rinthy and Lester Ballard and all the rest of them jake legged melon *censored*ing necrophiliac sons of bitches) exist on the borderlands. And there is certainly a mirroring of Faulkner's treatment of Joe Christmas and McCarthy's treatment of Lester Ballard, not to mention the Rinthy Holme / Lena Grove parallels. Both Faulkner and Mc Carthy like to play with Christian imagery (as characters with more than one father ala Christ and all the other Biblical imagery in LIA among others). This is all to say that Faulkner is certainly an influence on McCarthy. True that scholars are perhaps beating that influence to death at the expense of looking at other influences but that doesn't mean that it's not there--any such argument smacks of a knee jerk reaction. From: Anonymous As you can see, there's a good case to be made for McCarthy as an inheritor of Faulkner and as a new breed, more closely akin to O'Connor or (it pains me slightly to agree with Mr. Wallach) even Hemingway. My own opinion is that critics tend to lump McCarthy into the Faulknerian school primarily because he's prone to using long, viny sentences. Secondarily, the fact that both authors usually address characters and situations which are outcast, marginalized, etc., makes for easy categorization. While these similarities are substantial, there is a difference in method (rather than style) which, I think, distinguishes the McC's approach from Faulkner's. At the core of this difference is the fact that Faulkner's prose takes place, and is generally constructed around, the internal environments of his characters. To some degree his writing can be described as comparative psychological portraiture (forgive me for interjecting my own made-up jargon here). McCarthy, to make a slightly tired p oint, stays external in regard to his characters, treating them as artifacts or products of the world. They play roles in the grand scheme